Monday, December 8, 2008


Hi evrybudy! Happy Helldays! Xmus iz cuming so frum now on Im gunna post festiv moovees. AND Ime gunna dedikate evree wun to sumwun nu. So now yu biches cant say I nevr got yu nuthin.

This wunz for yu Ed Miller.

BTW its The Creepshow duing a cuvr uv a Ramones song. I no stuff abowt stuff. Its a limitid edishun xmas rekerd. Yu can order it heer. I did. With Ed's credit card.

1 comment:

Ed Miller said...

stop using my credit card (which isn't mine anyway). You scared the crap out of me when the package arrived with dynamite written on the side. I thought it was going to be Kenora all over again.